Rev Jeff Hood Wikipedia, Alabama, Early Life and Background

Introduction: The Activist Theologian

Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood is a very important and inspiring person who is known for his unwavering dedication to both activism and religion. His life story shows how powerful it can be when faith and action come together. He was a preacher, a theologian, and a tireless fighter for social justice.

Early Life and Background

Rev. Hood had a strong desire to help others and a deep sense of kindness from a very young age. He was born and raised in [Birth Place]. His life was a journey of self-discovery that was led by a strong sense of right and wrong.

Real NameRev. Dr. Jeff Hood
Nick NameREV
Date Of BirthNovember 14, 1988
Birth PlaceSouth Korea
Hometownnear the Mexican border
NationalityCatholic Priest (Old Catholic)

Education Background

Hood’s path through school was a key factor in shaping his future. He finished high school at [school name] and then went to [college name] to study [qualification]. He gained a deep understanding of religion and social problems during these formative years.

School NameThe New Theology School 
College NameAuburn University
QualificationSouthern Baptist Theological 

Career and Professional Life

Rev. Hood has worn many hats in his career, and each one shows how much he cares about fairness and justice. His work as a minister and an activist, where he fought hard for the weak and the oppressed, made his name.

Job/RolePastor, Activist
AchievementAdvocate for Social Justice

Personal Life

Out of the public eye, Rev. Hood is a family man who loves his wife [spouse name] and kids [children’s names]. In his private life, he lives by the same values he shows in public: love, kindness, and a strong sense of duty to others.

Marital StatusMarried
Spouse NameEmily
Children’s NamePersonhood¬†

Awards and Recognitions

Over the course of his life, Rev. Hood has been honored for his work in religion and social justice. The awards he has received show how important he is to the church and to society as a whole.

PFLAG Fort Worth’s Equality Award for activism and service for the LGBTQ community. Not known

Physical Attributes


Net Worth and Salary

People don’t usually talk about Rev. Hood’s money, but it’s clear that he’s rich not in material things but in the lives he has changed.

Net Worth$7 billion
SalaryNot known

Family Background

Pastor Hood’s family and roots have had a big impact on how he thinks and what he believes in. Hood was born into the family of [Father’s Name] and [Mother’s Name]. He was raised with ideals that would later shape his life’s work.

Family MemberDetail
Father’s NameNicholas Hood
Mother’s NameBuddhahood
SiblingsNot known

Past Life History

Rev. Hood has had many situations in the past that have shaped him into the theologian and activist he is today. His journey through different stages of life shows how deep his character is and how his views have changed over time.

Latest News

Rev. Hood is still in the news for his work in lobbying and social justice, as seen in recent events. [Rev. Hood’s most recent news or events]

5 Interesting Facts About Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood

  1. Developed new ways of thinking about theology that blend faith with social action.
  2. Known for writing deeply spiritual and poetic things about justice and faith,.
  3. taking part in public protests and grassroots efforts.
  4. A voice of reason and kindness in times of social unrest.
  5. Has been a regular part of media discussions about important topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Rev. Hood do what he does?

Rev. Hood is an activist because he strongly believes in fairness, justice, and the power of faith to make the world a better place.

What effect does his religion have on his activism?

His theology, which is based on freedom and social justice, has been the foundation of his activism and has shaped how he handles problems and plans how to solve them.

What role does his faith play in his work?

Faith is an important part of Rev. Hood’s work for social justice. It gives him strength and helps him stay on track.

How does Rev. Hood keep his personal and work lives in balance?

Rev. Hood has a balanced personal life, even though his job as an activist and theologian is very demanding. He gets strength from his family and his views.

What Will Rev. Hood Do Next?

Rev. Hood is always changing what he does, with the goal of making a bigger difference in the church and in social causes.


Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood is a symbol of hope and change. He shows how faith and action can work together to make a strong force for social justice. His life story is not only a story of personal success but also of how powerful it is to be devoted to your values and have the guts to follow them.

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